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You Want A Rustic Kitchen For TV and Home? Yes, Chef.

Posted by Annie Roy

When Chef Arnaud Marchand set out to build a home kitchen for his young family, I knew he had a clear vision for his design. His kitchen - from the ceiling beams to the floor tiles – needed to be warm, functional, dynamic and beautiful – and resonate with the scenic environment – and be great for

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Slip Into Something More Comfortable With a Soapstone Bathroom

Posted by Annie Roy

They’ve been with us through thick and thin. Soft, smooth and forgiving, our favorite jeans are never the dry clean only variety, and in fact they get better with every wash.

If only our interiors behaved so well. (Upholstery that never fades. Rugs that never fray.)

There is one material though

Topics: Architecture & Design Trends, Soapstone, Waxed soapstone, Black

Does Soapstone Turn Green?

Posted by Steven Schrenk

I spoke to a designer the other day who specializes in eclectic modern kitchens in high-end residential homes. Besides her talent for design she's also knowledgeable about the products she specs. She doesn’t spec a material unless she knows it’s origin, it’s impact on the environment or how it will

Topics: Soapstone, Waxed soapstone, Black, Myths about natural stone

Knock, Knock. Matte Black Wants to Come In. [PHOTOS]

Posted by Steven Schrenk

Navy is nice and white is classic. But there is staying power in black. Always chic. Forever sophisticated. (Enjoy your 15 minutes grey, but there will never be a new black.)

What we love about black, however, does change. For years we loved the high shine of a powdered coated finish. We lusted

Topics: Architecture & Design Trends, Thin Stone, Soapstone, Granite, Nordic Black, Waxed soapstone, Kitchen, Black, Brushed finish

Try and Keep Your Hands Off This Countertop

Posted by Steven Schrenk

If you love leather you know it isn’t just about the look.

Yes it can be edgy, classic, sophisticated. But it’s the feel that keeps us coming back to leather for our wardrobes, upholstery and home decor. And now it’s inspiring our stone surfaces.

Called by other names – antiqued, brushed –

Topics: Soapstone, Leathered finish, Nordic Black, St. Henry, Antiqued finish, Limestone, Marble and granite, Brushed finish

Annie Roy Wants You To Get Emotional About Stone

Posted by Steven Schrenk

The Stone Experts: Introducing a new blog series featuring Polycor’s experts in design, architecture, fabrication, sales, marketing and geology .

Annie Roy
Slabs Sales Manager, eastern Canada
Expert in: Natural stone design, photography

Topics: Home Design, Architecture & Design Trends, Soapstone, Ask a stone expert, Kitchen

Virginia Distillery Features Polycor Soapstone, Even Its Cocktails

Posted by Steven Schrenk

Baby it’s, well, not that cold outside.

But just because the snow isn’t falling doesn’t mean we don’t have the urge to curl up by a hot fire and sip on a cocktail. Here at Polycor, the cool weather has us feeling nostalgic for the rolling hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western Virginia where

Topics: Soapstone, Chilling stones

A Kentucky Rye Cocktail, On The Rocks (Literally)

Posted by Steven Schrenk

Because we're feeling holidayish here at Polycor, all month long we're featuring classic cocktail recipes from southern distilleries that complement our  chilling stones made from Alberene soapstone quarried from the hills of Virginia. With four in a set for  $16, they make a rock solid gift for

Topics: Soapstone, Chilling stones, Virginia stone

A Virginia Cocktail Chilled With Virginia Stone

Posted by Steven Schrenk

Last week we debuted our  chilling stones made from Alberene soapstone quarried from the hills of Virginia. With four in a set for  $16, they are flying out the door, but we didn't give you anything to actually chill.

Silly us.

We're making it right this month with recipes from three distilleries

Topics: Soapstone, Chilling stones, Virginia stone

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