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You Want A Rustic Kitchen For TV and Home? Yes, Chef.

Posted by Annie Roy

When Chef Arnaud Marchand set out to build a home kitchen for his young family, I knew he had a clear vision for his design. His kitchen - from the ceiling beams to the floor tiles – needed to be warm, functional, dynamic and beautiful – and resonate with the scenic environment – and be great for

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How Vetrazzo Turns Shards of Glass Into Your Kitchen’s Best Jewelry

Posted by Steven Schrenk

The holiday decorations are down and you can breathe a sigh of relief in the absence of color. But without all that bling your everyday surfaces may be feeling a little, well, every day.

If your kitchen and living room feel sapped of personality, but ripping out the cabinets is not an option this

Topics: cabinet hardware, Vetrazzo recycled glass

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