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How to select natural stone slabs for your design project

Posted by Steven Schrenk

Do you know how to select natural slabs for your design project?

With the plethora of information on the subject of natural stone, there is not much covering its selection for kitchen projects. When it comes to choosing the final slabs, it is oftentimes easier said than done. With new discoveries of stone deposits happening every year, the number of choices has grown significantly. Inevitably, with more options comes more confusion when making a decision.

So, how to select natural stone slabs? Here are some key points to have in mind when shopping for that perfect slab of natural stone.


Color-Scheme1. Overall Design

Consider the color-scheme and design of the finished kitchen beforehand and ask a few questions about how you want it to look in the most simple terms – would the overall appearance be a light or dark tonality, what are the basic colors for the main finishes (floor, cabinets, walls), will they complement or contrast with each other?  The answers to these questions will help you begin to refine the process and eliminate options when it comes time to select your stone. Once this is determined, decide your cabinetry style and finish, whether it is traditional, transitional or modern. The vertical planes of the cabinets have the most visual impact and everything else stems from there.


Intérieur_7-s-599412-edited2. Floors and Countertops

Your choice of flooring will continue to narrow your stone selections further. There are more options for floors than there are slab selections for kitchen countertops, so it is good to consider which type, color and finish is best. This makes up a large element of the design and will have a direct influence on your decision of which natural stone best compliments it. Take your top floor samples and cabinet door to the stone yard and start familiarizing yourself with the different materials.


A Litte Hint!
Not all countertops need to match the floor exactly since the cabinet itself will separate them, and some designs favor more contrast.


Intérieur_6-s-437583-edited3. Stone Type and Finish

Considering the classifications of natural stone will finalize your decision, whether granite, marble, soapstone or limestone, etc. Not all stones are created equal and all perform differently depending on their use and your lifestyle. Take into account the color, pattern and texture of the stone, paying special attention to the larger overall appearance. Different finishes that can be done with stone such as polished, honed, antiqued or leathered to name a few, will play a significant role in the finished kitchen design. 


It’s not uncommon to feel overwhelmed by the number of selections that need to be made when planning and executing a kitchen design. Keep yourself on track by following these steps and when it comes time to search for that elusive slab of stone, you will be much better prepared to make a final decision with confidence.


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