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7 Busted Myths of Natural Stone for Hardscaping Applications

Posted by Steven Schrenk

When choosing materials for your latest hardscape project, do you pass right over natural stone because you think it’s:

  1. Too pricey
  2. Won’t hold up over time
  3. More difficult to maintain than concrete?

What if we told you the answer was D: None of the above?

Topics: Indiana Limestone, Hardscape, pavers

Natural Stone 101: How to Incorporate Limestone and Granite Into Your Hardscape

Posted by Steven Schrenk

Overlooking natural stone in favor of more run-of-the-mill concrete materials when designing your hardscape project is like choosing cold cereal at an all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet. Why choose Tony the Tiger when Eggs Benedict are there for the taking (not to mention bacon and croissants)?

Topics: Hardscape

Exotic Woods and Indiana Limestone Drive the Indoor-Outdoor Lifestyle of This Riverfront Home

Posted by Steve Schrenk

When architect Phil Kean met with the McKinney family about their 11,000 square foot riverfront home project, he took in the typical requests. Give us something modern, but not that ultra-modern-flat-roof-box look. Capture the best views of the Tennessee river where the property sits. Stick to a

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